About me✌

Hey there! I’m Trinity. I’m just a regular girl wishing to be perfect in this world full of comparison . 

I’m here writing this blog to completely express myself and not care what other people think . Whilst doing this I hope to inspire others and convince you to be yourself.

I‘m a DC comics fan . Nightwing is my life. I’ve had tons of arguments with my mother arguing that Batman is more believe able than some guy that fell from the sky.

(Superman if you didn’t get that)

 I believe that everyone is equal in life and no one should be discriminated against . Everyone is beautiful and everyone has potential to change the world in their own way.Everyone also has their own opinions on things and I respect that as long as I’m also allowed to voice my opinion.

I am YouTube crazy. I love Shane Dawson  He is absolutely amazing. Watching him helped me alot with self confidence and accepting all the weird things about myself.

 I recently learned that perfect isn’t reachable . It’s just not real. It would be so boring if I was perfect. I wouldn’t be able to share my weirdness with anyone or my views on a topic .

 Writing this blog I hope to encourage you to be yourself and love who you are . Make your weaknesses and strengths stronger.




If you have any topics you like me to write about feel free to leave it the comments below. 


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