Bad Vibes

Lately I’ve been stuck in a whirl pool of negative people ,since first term exams are less than a week away. It’s been quite a struggle to stay positive and be happy that we’ve all made it through our first quarter of grade nine. As soon as the schedule was sent out everyone switched to panic mode. Don’t get me wrong I’m also quite nervous about it…but a little positivity wouldn’t hurt…right? I guess that leaving studying to last-minute isn’t exactly helping stress levels either.

I  don’t expect everyone to be care free but at least try not to stress too much as it doesn’t  help. I have two groups of friends one of them seems quite relaxed and prepared. The other however ,seems like they’re in a state of hysteria. I feel that spending time with the first group makes me feel relaxed and at ease with the fact that I’m going to study hard and earn the grades I deserve.

With the other I feel as if all hell will break loose when I get my report card. I can imagine it now, the disappointed looks on my parent’s faces. The feeling of my teacher’s expectations being deteriorated. I hate feeling that way and thinking that this is actually going to become a reality.

I decided that I didn’t need negativity at this point in time and I never will. I encouraged my friends to change. we decided to help each other out whenever we could. First quarter is coming up in 2 days and I’d say I’m quite prepared.

if my friends hadn’t changed I would’ve been hurt but I couldn’t take the negativity anymore, so I spoke up. it is hard to listen to negative people since gloomy words don’t exactly make you smile. you should make a decision and rid your life of everything negative and focus on the positives. be around people who encourage you to upgrade yourself  and reach your best potential.

My mum taught me that :

Positive thoughts=Positive outcomes

That is a lesson I will always remember and always follow.


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